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Whether you're shopping for a new bike, a helmet to protect what's most important, or something as simple as socks to keep you comfortable, we guarantee your satisfaction. We know just how important it is to get things perfect--from the big items down to the small, and we believe we have just the right knowledge and gear to find that perfect fit.

Stop in today to see how we can help you take your riding to new levels this year.




Every new bike purchased from Takoma Bicycle has a year FREE adjustments.



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Welcome to Takoma Bicycle 

2017 Giant Bikes Price Drop at Takoma Bicycle

We're dropping the prices on many of our 2017 Giant Bikes. Yes - you read that right! The BRAND NEW models have brand new lower prices. These discounts, on top of the already low Gateway to Adventure prices, mean NOW is the time to get the latest and the greatest at an unbelieveable price.

Takoma Bicycle's 10 Weird and Wonderful Bike Inventions

At Takoma Bicycle we're all about celebrating the creativity and ingenuity (and sometimes downright hilarity) of cyclists. You may find it hard to believe the following inventions exist (so did we) - and you might even be inspired to create your OWN inventions. Which one is your favorite? Which do you wish you had?

Click on over to see the triangle bike, the tandem mountain bike, the bike with foot and hand pedals...and much much more.

Takoma Bicycle's 10 Weird and Wonderful Bike Inventions

How Biking Saved Breast Cancer Survivors

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Takoma Bicycle wants to celebrate the women in the cycling community who have fought back against this disease. We want to share with you the stories of three survivors - all of whom discovered on a bike just how strong they really were. Read and be inspired! Do you have a story to share of how cycling has made you stronger? We'd love to hear it!

Learn your bike computer at Takoma Bicycle

We know, every month has some crazy theme, and at times it can get a bit excessive. However, when we heard it was "Learn your computer" month, we thought it would be an excellent occasion for us at Takoma Bicycle to help YOU learn all about your bike computer. So many of us are riding around, completely unaware of just how much our bike computers can do. So this October we encourage you to bring your computer in to Takoma Bicycle, and we'll help you learn just a little more about everything it can do. No charge, no gimmicks, just a simple lesson in hopes that it will help you improve your cycling. Still riding without a bike computer? You should stop in as well - we can help you find the right computer (from simple to advanced) for your riding style.

Ride Club Rewards at Takoma Bicycle